Working Papers

JCCTRP Working Paper: Overview of Climate, Energy and Transport Policy in Quebec (2019)

  • Authors: Louis-Charles Coderre (UMontréal), Myriam Goulet (UQAM) and Mark Purdon (UQAM)
  • Publication Date: June 2019
  • Abstract: This working paper presents an overview of Quebec energy, transportation and climate change mitigation policies. Special attention is given to institutional frameworks and key government actors at different levels of government. This includes a review of major policies of the Canadian federal and provincial governments as well as that of the City of Montreal, the largest urban agglomeration in the province. The overview illustrates the complex interactions between institutions and policy actors in Quebec, Canada as well as North America. We also review greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets and assess progress at different governance scales. This includes assessment of the current state of measures adopted or planned by policy actors at various scales as well as the investments considered, in particular concerning carbon pricing and regulations, the electrification of transport and investments in infrastructure and public transport. This working paper also reviews transport and energy system modeling efforts and the importance of models in the policy process. A special focus is given to Quebec’s role as a major producer of clean energy in the northeastern part of North America, where Hydro-Québec has long been a supplier of hydroelectricity.
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JCCTRP Working Paper: Decarbonizing Road Transportation in Ontario (2018)

  • Author: Colleen Kaiser, PhD candidate at York University (Ontario)
  • Publication Date: November 2018
  • Abstract: This working paper on private road transport uses two broad categories to organize decarbonization efforts in the province of Ontario: 1) cleaner vehicles and 2) transportation demand management. These categories represent the two key objectives of policies and mechanisms to develop a low-carbon transport system. 1) Reduce greenhouse gas emissions from passenger cars, and 2) reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Establishing an economy-wide carbon price supports these specific efforts.
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