Expected Outcomes

The JCCTRP is expected to lead to a number of important outcomes.

  • Research Outcomes
    • The JCCTRP will establish Canadian leadership in low carbon transport and climate policy, making important theoretical, methodological and empirical contributions to our understanding of the effectiveness of these policies and their political implications.
  • Training Outcomes
    • Students will receive the best possible training in low carbon transport and climate policy by working with leading experts in their disciplines.
  • Policy Outcomes
    • The JCCTRP is designed to inform decision-making about the most economically efficient and politically viable strategies for reducing emissions in the transport sector in each of the jurisdictions involved.
  • Public Education Outcomes
    • The JCCTRP will generate significant benefits for society at large by addressing two pressing public policy issues: low carbon transport and climate change mitigation. Public debate and stakeholder engagement are important to this partnership, which is addressed through knowledge mobilization outputs, including a website, social media, and public seminars.