Past Events

Initial JCCTPR Workshop – Montreal, November 2017

With the generous support of the US Consulate in Montreal, Institut de l’Énergie Trottier and the Institut québécois du carbone (IQCarbone), an initial two-day workshop of the JCCTRP was held in Montreal in November 2017. It sought to characterize existing approaches to the economic and political analysis of low-carbon transport and climate change mitigation policy. The JCCTRP workshop included a public seminar—which can be viewed on YouTube—and also led to the publication of three policy briefs on climate and transport policy in Quebec, California and Ontario.

Global Climate Action Summit – San Francisco, September 2018

In September 2018, the JCCTRP participated in an official affiliate event organized by UC Davis at the Global Climate Action Summit (GACS) in San Francisco. In particular, the JCCTRP was presented at a session entitled Regional Transportation Policy Collaboration which drew on other UC Davis collaborations, including with Pacific Coast Collaborative jurisdictions, the International EV Policy Council and the Global Fuel Economy Initiative.

Upcoming Events

UNFCCC 24th Conference of Parties (COP24) – Katowice, December 2018

The JCCTRP will be presented during an official side-event at COP24 entitled Transnational Transportation Policy Collaboration in North America & Europe that will be held on December 7 (15h-16h30). The event, which is co-organized by the Georgetown Climate Centre and IQCarbone, will bring together state and non-state actors collaborating to reduce transport emissions at the subnational and international scales.

JCCTRP Workshop UCDavis – Davis California, February 2019

The JCCTRP is organizing to hold its next workshop at UCDavis in February 2019. The workshop will be allow participants to discuss results from Phase 1 efforts to characterize existing approaches to the analysis of low-carbon transport and climate change mitigation policy as well as prepare for Phase 2 research that will endeavour to create modeling scenarios for low-carbon transport and climate change mitigation policy and undertake preliminary analysis.

International Studies Association 2019 Annual Convention – Toronto, March 2019

Preliminary results of the JCCTRP will be presented in a paper entitled Transnational Climate Policy Learning, Coordination and Convergence: emissions trading and the transport sector in California, Quebec and Ontario for a session of the International Studies Association (ISA) Annual Convention. The paper will be discussed in a session on Regional and Comparative Environmental Politics on Saturday May 30.

Ontario Professional Planners Institute Conference 2019 – Toronto, October 2019

JCCTRP partners will be participating at the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) Conference, which be an outstanding opportunity to engage with the practitioner community.